West Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group (WHCCG)

The practice is an active member of the above group which acts as a sub-committee of the Primary Care Trust [NHS Hampshire].  It's role is to actively engage in the commissioning of health services for our patient population.  This involves reviewing current services and planning future services so that the local population is served by a comprehensive range of appropriate services. 

This can be very challenging when money and resources are not easy to secure, but is an important role for modern general practices.  Increasingly the responsibility for managing the limited budgets and resource is devolved to local organisations hoping to secure value for money and effective, responsive health service provision. 

 With the advent of the Health & Social Care Bill 2011, we have joined the West Hampshire CCG. This covers 600,000 patients residing in Winchester, Andover, Eastleigh, Romsey and the New Forest.  We will however predominantly focus on the Winchester/Basingstoke delivery system ie. local community services and those provided Hampshire Hospitals the new Foundation Trust formed by the recent  merger of North Hampshire/Basingstoke & Winchester Hospitals Trusts. 

Current work involves:

1. Unscheduled Care Project - working with A&E and the Medical Assessment Unit at Winchester to reduce unneccesary admissions and securing rapid access to investigations and specialist opinions.

2. Whiteboard Project / Virtual Wards - this ties in with the unscheduled care project to ensure that patients at risk of unscheduled admission are discussed between the practice and community teams to provide timely interventions and a higher degree of monitoring.  Communication with hospitals and facilitated discharge is also a facet of this project.

3. Community Diabetes Pathway - This supports the provision of Diabetic care for most Type 2 Diabetics at or near to their General Practice. A new Community Diabetic Service has also been developed which will support the care for all diabetics in West Hampshire from April 1st 2010.  This replaces the hospital based care provided by Winchester and Basingstoke Hospitals.  The Service uses a Consultant-led model rather than a Consultant delivered model and support will be available for diabetics and their General Practices through a team of specialist nurses and Consultants based in the community.

4. Improving the Musculoskeletal service locally to include quicker local assessment and better integration [ICATS]  between orthopaedics, rheumatology, physiotherapy, pain management and better patient education with regards to the risks and benefits of surgery.

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