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COVID Information

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COVID-19 Vaccine

You will be contacted by the practice when you become eligible for the COVID vaccine. As this is such a rapidly changing situation you may only get 24 hours notice and no longer than 10 days.

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Why do I have to wait for my COVID vaccine?

The current government plan is for the COVID vaccinations to be delivered at scale at central sites. We have been ordered by NHSE to deliver the vaccine in a group of 6 GP Practices that make up Winchester Rural North and East Primary Care Network. Therefore the COVID vaccine will be delivered from the Holiday Inn, Winchester, SO21 1HZ.

Click on this link to see the priority groups. Each delivery of Pfizer vaccine will contain 975 vaccines. As these will be equitably split between our 6 GP Practices that means only approximately 200 of our patients will be offered the vaccine each time.

We are now inviting patients who are aged 55 and over for their COVID vaccinations. If you have a mobile number you will receive an invitation to book online. If you have already booked at another centre please decline the invitation sent by the surgery – this helps to keep our records up to date and stops us sending you reminders.

If you do not have a mobile telephone number you can call us to book but please call at one of our quieter times – Tuesday-Thursday between 10.30am-12.45pm or after 2pm.

The licencing of the Astra-Zeneca is welcome news. This vaccine can be stored for longer at normal fridge temperatures. This has allowed us to start delivering the vaccine to our housebound patients. Each delivery comes with 400 doses of the vaccine and again this will need to split across the 6 GP practices that make up Winchester Rural North and East Primary Care Network.

With both vaccines - you will need 2 doses of the vaccine for the best immunity - however national guidance has increased the interval between the two doses. This will be likely be between 11 and 12 weeks.

We will update you as soon as we know more.

Symptoms of COVID - What to do?

If you have symptoms of FEVER or COUGH or a loss of, or change in, your normal sense of taste or smell it is possible that you have Coronavirus.

You DO NOT need to see or speak to a GP or Nurse to confirm this diagnosis.

You are likely to get better with self management but, if you feel worse or do not get better then you should visit NHS 111 online or phone 111.

DO NOT come to the practice if you have any symptoms of Coronavirus.

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Asthma and COVID Vaccine

COVID vaccination for patients with Asthma

An individual with a more severe case of asthma may have been included in the Clinically Extremely Vulnerable group, in which case you will have been vaccinated in Priority Group 4.

People with asthma which requires continuous or repeated use of oral (systemic) steroids or with previous exacerbations requiring hospital admission, will be vaccinated in Priority Group 6.

This will include:

  • anyone who has ever had an emergency asthma admission or;
  • those who have an asthma diagnosis and have had 3 prescriptions for oral steroids over a 3-month period(each prescription must fall within separate individual month windows), as an indication of repeated or continuous oral steroids.

Number of Stockbridge Patients to have received a COVID Vaccine

As of 25th March 2021: 4,387 patients have received the 1st dose of the COVID Vaccine and 329 patients have received their 2nd dose (Pfizer or Astra-Zeneca).

This equates to 88% of our Group 1 to Group 9 patients which includes our patients over 50 years old, all our Nursing Home patients and Nursing Home staff, Frontline health and social workers and patients on the clinically extremely vulnerable list.

Please could anyone who is 50 years old or above who hasn’t been vaccinated contact us by calling reception and anyone who has received a text invitation from us but has booked at a different vaccination centre to let us know by following the online link in the text.

Online Appointments

Because of COVID19:

  • All of our GP appointments are now being held initially as telephone or online video consultations. Rest assured you will be given a face to face consultation if it is clinically required.
  • We have suspended online access to our appointments

Some nursing appointments will continue to be offered face to face:

  • For immunisations and injections
  • For dressings and wound checks
  • For phlebotomy

Covid19 and Children

COVID19 is unlikely to cause a serious illness in children, but please remember children can still become seriously unwell from other causes that are always around. Please do not let concerns over COVID19 stop you from contacting medical services. If you are not sure if your child needs to be seen please go to for advice or contact 111 or your GP. For information about crying babies go to your child is severely unwell call 999 or go to ED.

Please take note of the following advice when attending an appointment:

  • Ensure you are appropriately dressed so the GP can examine you.
  • Use the toilet before you leave home and wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.
  • Please ensure you wear a face mask when you enter the waiting area.
  • Please come into the waiting room; the receptionist will then inform the clinician you have arrived and ask you to go back and wait in your car.
  • The GP will be wearing protective clothing, including a face mask.
  • After your appointment clean your hands with hand gel.

General practice transparency notice for GPES data for pandemic planning and research (COVID-19)

Information for patients explaining how your data is being processed to support vital coronavirus (COVID-19) planning and research.

This practice is supporting vital coronavirus (COVID-19) planning and research by sharing your data with NHS Digital. This transparency notice supplements our main practice privacy notice.

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