Online Access

Online access to appointments, repeat prescriptions and some aspects of your medical record are provided to our patients via the new NHS app

We encourage the use of the NHS App.

Once registered, the NHS app allows you to:

  • order your repeat prescriptions online
  • book and manage appointments online (Currently suspended due to COVID-19)
  • eConsult
  • You can also use the app to view your limited summary care medical record. 
  • Check your symptoms
  • Find out what to do when you need help urgently
  • Register to be an organ donor
  • Choose how the NHS uses your data


We encourage the use of the NHS app. You can sign up to the NHS App at any time, any day of the week. Unlike patient access, you do not need to come into the surgery with ID documents to set this up. The whole verification process is done remotely. It is quick to set up and should take you no longer than 15-20 minutes.


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However, if you would rather you can still register for Patient Access.

Patient Access also includes the ability for you to order repeat prescriptions online; Book an appointment online (This service is currently suspended due to COVID-19) and view your limited summary care medical record (medications and allergies).

We will require a completed Application For Online Access Form (see below) and 2 forms of identification.

Please note one form of identification must be photographic, ie passport/photo driving licence and the second must provide proof of address, e.g. council tax bill/bank statement etc. This is essential to ensure that no-one else incorrectly has access to your medical record.

Patient Access Online Application Form.docx

Detailed Medical Care Record

By signing up to online access via the NHS App or Patient Access you will be automatically given access to your summary medical care record. This includes your Medications and Allergies.

However you can apply for access to your Detailed Medical Care Record:

This can give you access to all or any of these individually:

  • Immunisations
  • Laboratory Reports and Investigations
  • Coded Significant Medical Problem List
  • Coded GP consultation data
  • Hospital Outpatient Letters

If you would like more detailed access to your medical records you will need to complete the form below and bring it into reception with the appropriate 2 forms of ID.

Please indicate on this form exactly which aspects of your detailed medical care record you want access too and why.

Detailed Online Medical Records Access Form.docx